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Get Unlimited Content @ $249 /month

All the content you want, written by expert writers (wordsmiths who also happen to be storytellers) for a flat monthly fee!

What’s more… We are sticklers for time! With minimal to-and-fros, you get the content you want… When you want it… The way you want it!

Content, Done Right!

We understand content! How it needs to be crafted and presented to be engaging for your readers. Content that’s equally loved by search engines. And, we pride ourselves on timely deliveries minus the hassles!

The Tedious Way

The Springzo Way

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How It Works?

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Share What You Need

Tell us what kind of content you need… Send us a short note, outline, audio, napkin shot, reference article, anything!

Any additional content for reference (text, videos, infographics, URLs) would only help us serve you better!

Content Delivered!

We share with you the timelines, within which you can expect the turnaround! Typically, a piece of 1000 words would need 4-5 days.

Writing Samples

A Tragedy Of Errors: How ConvertKit Learned An Un’Seva’ry Lesson!

Stay miles away from the ‘we’re not a business’ rant, no matter how noble your intentions! Sure, it sounds cool to call yourself a social enterprise, but it’ll backfire - without a doubt! One of William Shakespeare’s most famous, and oft-quoted lines, from the fabled...

3 Approaches That Can Turn Your Marketing Strategy Upside Down…

DOMAIN / INDUSTRY: Marketing Strategy & Customer Acquisition THEME: A Founder shared with us the outline of a memo he wanted to drop to his team - a snapshot of pointers he scribbled in his Moleskine. It was around the 3 approaches the company should consider for...

Just A Day Every Year Was Enough! Or, So We Thought

DOMAIN / INDUSTRY: Travel Retail THEME: Pick any important day of the year and here’s one common theme we will notice - a larger number of brands will simply publish it on their key channels of customer communication - with no strategy or the action it wants the...

Don’t Go After Position 1 on Google! Heard about Position 0?

DOMAIN / INDUSTRY: Search Engine Optimization [SEO] THEME: A fast-growing SEO Agency sharing a contemporary SEO strategy to get content ranked for Position 0 [above the first result on Google... Info cards]. OBJECTIVES: The content was meant to be shared with brands...

Brands We’ve Worked With…


Ok. Is it really unlimited?

Yes, you can have unlimited requests placed during the month and we will convey the time to complete each of the requests. Certain topics or type of content may take lesser time as compared to the others. Your dedicated writer will work on the first request, complete it and move on to the next one.

So how much content can I expect?

An average 1000 word content piece with adequate research takes about 4-5 days to complete. So, you can easily expect a good 4,000 – 5,000 words in a month!

But how can it be priced so less than the competition?

We are process-driven and our writers, highly focused. We assign topics to them based on their area of expertise and what they are comfortable with. This helps us keep the turnaround time in check.

Our processes for communication and internal feedback are highly streamlined. All of it helps us save on time and costs.

How do I share my content brief?

This is where Springzo really shines! You can share the brief in any form – PowerPoint Presentations, PDFs, reference URLs, a brief list of pointers, napkin shots, even voice notes you took down when you had random ideas for the content. Just share it with us via email. Our focus is to get you the content with bare minimum brief and next to zero back and forth.

How can the content you create, help me?

You can use it for plenty… But we will list down some use cases:

  • Publish it on your blog.
  • Publish as an opinion-ed on Medium.
  • Submit it as a guest post to bring more traffic and authority to your website.
  • Send it as newsletters to your subscribers.
  • Slice and dice it as Tweets.
  • Offer it as a content upgrade and build your mailing list.
  • Even collate some from a similar theme and make it an eBook!

And what languages can you create content in?

That would be English only!

Considering you are based out of India, and may not be a native English speaker, how do you ensure the quality of my content?

We have a team of writers who are highly proficient in English language and grammar. Also, our moderators thoroughly vet every article that gets sent your way. We understand your apprehensions here. We suggest you just give us a try. We have a no questions asked 7-days money back guarantee.

So, do you offer only blog posts and articles? What if I have a requirement for versatile content?

Our writers are highly experienced and trained in creating all forms of written content – an opinion piece you need to share with someone, a detailed step-by-step how-to guide, conversational pieces, essays, and of course blog posts too!

All of them are adept at writing story form content which engages the user right away, be it using citations, quotes, pulling up a relevant statistics, etc. You can rest assured of getting content that’s engaging and shareworthy.

If I need blog content / articles, will they be SEO-friendly?

You are in good hands. Our team of writers has ample experience in creating content for websites that have gone from ZERO to a MILLION sessions a month! They are highly trained in crafting content, that is engaging, well researched and most importantly, reader-friendly. These factors already cover the basic requirements of the modern-day search engines.

But that’s not all. We also ensure the articles are SEO-friendly and follow the best practices when it comes to on-page SEO. If you have a keyword you wish to target for a particular article, let us know in the brief. We will take care of it all, including formatting, relevant H Tags with the keywords, keyword density & more.

Are there any particular kinds of articles / domains your content writers cannot write on?

While we pride ourselves on offering well-researched content, there are some topics that may not be our forte! Topics dealing with medicine or medical procedures, professional tutorials on specialised skill sets such as programming, design tools, science, etc. would be something we wouldn’t fancy writing!

Do you offer a free trial?

We have a 7-day money back guarantee if you don’t like our content quality.

So, what is the minimum contract term?

We don’t have a contract! When you sign up for a monthly plan, you’ll be billed monthly and can cancel anytime. Once you cancel your monthly subscription, you will not be charged any further.

However, past the 7-day money back guarantee window, there would be no refunds for unused time on any plan for any reason.

What if I am unable to use the service for a month or use it for lesser number of articles? Do I get a full or a partial refund? Can I carry forward the balance word count?

As we have a monthly subscription model, we won’t be able to refund the amount – either in full or in part; in the event that you do not use our services for that month.

Think of Springzo’s subscription model as that of Netflix’s. If you do not watch your favorite show or movie in a month, you would still be charged for that month. Unless you pause the subscription.

If you foresee a situation wherein you would be unable to use our services for a month, you can drop us an email about it on [email protected]. We will pause your subscription and you will not be charged from the next billing cycle. Just make sure you drop us the email before your renewal date. Whenever you are ready to go again, just let us know and we will start the subscription.

Also, the word count doesn’t get carried forward to the next month.

Do note that account cancellations take effect at the end of your current billing cycle. Essentially, what this means is if you cancel the subscription at the middle of the billing cycle, you will not be charged again from next billing cycle.

Is there a minimum or maximum length of the content I can expect?

You can ask for any content length. It can be as short as you want or as long as you wish! It will be the job of our team to ensure the content still makes a lot of sense to the reader, in the length you desire!

Do you add graphics to the articles?

While we do not do custom designs for content, we can help you with getting representative images inserted at relevant portions within the content. For most, this works just fine!

Can I see some sample articles / content piece?

Sure, you can check here.

How many iterations/edits can I suggest?

3 revisions. Why’s that, you may ask? See, there are two reasons for it. Addressing every change request essentially takes time that could have been spent doing research and working on the next set of content for you. Having said that, we understand at times, it calls for a couple of iterations to get the content right.

That’s why we cap it at 3 iterations. Also, here’s another bright side to it. We have realised that as business owners, we at times get attached to things whereas the real win is in pushing the content out to the public. A constraint of 3 change requests would ensure the iterations are well-communicated and help complete the content faster, thus allowing you to get more content created in a month.

Working hours?

Our team currently works from India, Monday to Friday and follows IST (Indian Standard Time, +5:30 GMT).

Ready To Get Started?

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Who Are We?

Springzo is proudly run by Tapzest Web, a Digital Media & Marketing Lab based out of Mumbai, India. At Springzo, we have been helping out brands with their digital marketing and content distribution for quite a few years now.

During our journey, there have been times when brands approached us just for content and didn’t need a complete set of content marketing services. And, it also made sense. At times, as a brand, you have a lot of stories to tell, experiences to share and ideas to cascade. And we felt there should be a content writing service where brands can exactly get that, minus the hassles. Something as simple as just sharing a small brief (rough outline, a handwritten note, a voice recording… anything) and a writer will write it for you. Matching the brand’s voice and no back-and-forth, ensuring timely delivery. Something that’s ready to publish.

And, that’s how the seeds of Springzo were sown.

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At Springzo, we have always believed in and focused on delivering premium quality content for your business. To ensure we stay true to that, we keep a tab on the number of content requests we can process while still delighting the brands we work with.


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