DOMAIN / INDUSTRY: Travel Retail

THEME: Pick any important day of the year and here’s one common theme we will notice – a larger number of brands will simply publish it on their key channels of customer communication – with no strategy or the action it wants the readers to take.

For example, Mother’s Day. A barrage of messages start to occupy our newsfeeds, timelines, RSS as well as Reader feeds. And everyone has the same theme – an image that blends the sentiment of Mother’s Day with the brand’s color palette and an overtly sentimental text that goes with it. Some brands definitely take a step further and create another popular form of content – video. Great! But that’s it. For most of them, the day and the sentiments of it start depleting right when the day ends in the true sense of words… when the clock ticks to 12 midnight.

That’ the monotony the brand wanted to break during the Environment Day. So, it created a campaign aimed at driving the following message, “Starting this Environment day, we are doing our bit and would love to see you too doing that…”

The content mentioned below was sent to all the partners, associates, teams as well as affiliates communicating the same idea of “starting today, do your bit every day”

OBJECTIVES: The content was meant to bring all the stakeholders of the brand come together and make the campaign whereby nursery plants were given to customers visiting all the partner stores and collaterals were handed out. These collaterals guided customers on things they can do every single day that takes less than 5 seconds.

For the confidentiality of the brand, we have replaced the actual brand name as Ace Retail.

So, World Environment Day 2016 is here and here we are talking about the environment like a lot of others. I mean it’s that time of the year when we realize how badly our Mother Nature needs us – But why just one day?

Look, let’s get one thing off our chest – talking about World Environment Day, saving the earth and preserving our resources etc. is not something we at Ace Retail are doing today as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility. Yeah, you may think that… “here’s one more company talking about it all around this time; it’s all part of their CSR….” But well, saving the environment is not a part of any “Social Responsibility” for us. YES – You heard us right; it is NOT A SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR US…..

Hold on, before you start getting ideas… here’s the thing – It is not our Social Responsibility because Ace Retail sees this as a PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY wherein every person is responsible.

At Ace Retail, we do realize that as a company, we do leave behind “carbon footprints’ on everything we do, which can make or break the future. And it is not just for us, but for any business, any individual.

And if we just give one day a year to the environment, to fix the mess our mother nature is in today – surely that is not enough!

What Mess Are We Talking About?


The next time you stroll in your neighbourhood, take a look around and observe.

Everything may seem in a perfect state at first but we urge you to look closely…. the air has something peculiar about it and is no longer refreshing. There is something about the birds flying from the balcony of one house to another; it is as if they are looking for their long-lost natural homes. Precious natural resources are being wasted to lead a chivalrous life and products that are harmful to the environment are consumed freely.

We keep reading about the summers getting warmer, hotter rather; and winters getting colder and rains being unpredictable – Deserts see floods and forests are left dry!

Climate is changing drastically, there is an incursion of natural disasters, natural resources are depleting, and waste disposal – well, we know what is all wrong with that.

So, it IS OUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to step forward and save the environment.

No waiting for a government order, or retirement from your job to finally make some time to think about the issue or for enough money to save the environment.

There is absolutely no money to spend to act now to save our Mother Nature.

Each individual can make a difference in environmental preservation – all that is required are 7 things we can do which don’t cost anything and can go a long way.


Starting today, we at Ace Retail, have started doing our bit to save the environment and we would love if you join us in our attempt by taking 2 simple Pledges:

  • Pledge your 5 Seconds a day for the Environment
  • Pledge 2 Simple Lifestyle Changes to make the difference

… And we have taken up and initiative for our customers, but more on that later.

The 5 Second Pledge:


1 Second to turn Off the Engines at the Red Light


The next time anyone from our team will be driving, we would make sure that as soon as the signal turns red; the engines of our vehicles must be shut down. Petrol, Diesel, Gasoline are all natural resource that we would want to save for our future generations.

Also, saving fuel leads to saving money. So the next time you see the signal turning red, remember to take that 1 second to turn off the ignition.

1 Second to Switch off the Fans & Lights


Do you know that if all of us just turn one switch off, it will lead to the saving of millions of watts of electricity!

There is another side to the coin too; saving electricity by turning the switches off leads to lower electricity bills! – And how much time does it take to flip the switches when the fans and lights are not in use? Yeah – 1 second!

1 Second to Unplug!


A lot of us have the habit of leaving our phones/ other devices to charge overnight. The device reaches 100% charging in about 2-3 hours but we tend to leave the chargers on for entire 7-8 hours.

This not only leads to wastage of electricity but it can also damage your device! It is time to develop the habit of making it a point to unplug the charger the moment your electronic device is fully charged – our team has developed this small habit for the good – Are you ready to take this 1 second to unplug?

1 Second to Shut off the Mains


Our team is making it a point to turn off the main switch of their television sets, Air Conditioners, other home appliances etc. once they are not in use or required to not used for more than a couple of hours.

Just a second to shut it off – are you doing it?

1 Second to Save Water


Can you imagine living without water? There is life on earth because of water; it is such a valuable resource that utmost care must be taken to save it.

Turning the tap off while not in use, bathing with a bucket and not a shower, fixing any leakages as soon as they occur, shutting off taps while shaving and brushing or washing your face, are some of the things our team will be doing every single day.

You can do it too – it just takes a second to shut off the tap.


And… Here Are The 2 Lifestyle Changes We Pledge To Bring about

Pledge 1 – Take public transport twice a week – our team already does it, yeah!


The more public transport people use, the lesser would be the carbon footprints left by you. Lesser private vehicles will lead to lower amounts of pollutants in the air and you will have fresher air to breathe!

Our team already does car-pooling which reduces the number of cars for 5 people to 1 – so instead of 5 people coming in 5 cars, they come in just 1 car.

Moreover, we have our own bus services for our employees for their pickup and drop, so they don’t have to travel in their vehicles. This indeed helps to cut down the carbon emissions, considering a lot of employees don’t use separate cars.

Just something to think about – it is a fact that burning one gallon of gas creates 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. If you take public transport for work twice a week, you reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air by about 40 pounds! Now think if everyone does that even for 2 days a week – imagine the impact!

Pledge 2 To Remember The Three R’s


Reduce – Recycle – Reuse – The three magical R’s that our team has pledged to remember this while using natural resources. The three R principle must be applied wherever possible in order to make sure the preservation of our natural resources.


We are not stopping here – we want you to join us too, and here’s what else we are doing.

Everyone at Ace Retail will be reminded every week, to follow the 2 Pledges mentioned above.

We urge each one of you to come forward and join us. Together we can make a huge difference.

Think of it – the world has over 7.4 billion people! Yeah! If we all decide to do our bit to save the environment – We will need no one else to fix it for us. So join us today, tomorrow and forever to do our bit for the environment – Take the 2 Pledges for our Mother Nature.

Let’s do something more this Environment Day! Drop us your email in the form below and we will send you a voucher code that can be used to buy a Nursery plant from for FREE.