Our Core Team

Shalin Tejpal Jain

Passionate about UX and Digital Marketing. Plans+Practices result-driven Content Marketing and Capacity building tasks. Reachable at shalin[AT]springzo[DOT]com.

Aniket Vaishnav

All things Operations, Client Deliverables. Basically, he gets things done and makes sure everything at Springzo runs without any hiccup. Adores comic books and movies. Reachable at aniket[AT]springzo[DOT]com.

Rashmi Kulal

Published Author. She manages all things content! Ensures the content we create is impeccable, delivered on time and loved by our clients. Reachable at rashmi[AT]springzo[DOT]com.

Akanksha Tiwari

Assists in creating content and managing the operations bit. Quite the foodie, with a penchant for creative writing. Reachable at akanksha[AT]springzo[DOT]com.

Nikita Sachdeva

Passionate Blogger. Manages everything that reads ‘marketing campaigns’. Travels and reads more than she sleeps. Reachable at nikita[AT]springzo[DOT]com.